We provide cleaning service at residential and commercial premises.


Rooms and Surrounding                      

  • Blinds, light fixtures, fans, air vents cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed, walls & trim spot cleaned
  • Cabinet interior/exterior cleaned
  • Window sills & baseboards dusted/wiped
  • Door knobs/light switches wiped clean
  • Floors swept/vacuumed/mopped, incl. garage
  • Mirrors and door glass cleaned
  • Cleaning windows and screening curtains
  • Garden and Landscape design
  • Fencing protection and pruning
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms:
  • Large and small appliances interior/exterior cleaned
  • Countertops cleaned and dried
  • Sinks and faucets scrubbed and wiped
  • Tub/shower enclosure scrubbed and wiped
  • Toilets scrubbed and disinfected


We offers a range of professional pest fumigation treatments to keep your environment pest free and compliant with health & safety regulations.

We deliver the most appropriate and practical fumigation solutions to protect your business. Manufacturing, warehousing, milling, agriculture and more. Our experienced technicians use the latest fumigant technology (such as our unique and exclusive pro fume fumigation service) causing the minimum of disruption to your business.

Fumigation is particularly used to control Stored Product Insects (SPIs) such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths. These pests can infest grain and bulk commodities such as cocoa, rice, nuts, animal feed and other raw materials used within food and feed manufacture.

We offer both curative and preventative fumigation of grain and animal feed, as well as Controlled Atmosphere fumigation for organic produce. We also have a chemical-free alternative to eliminate certain pest insects. Entotherm heat treatment controls pest insects by using the targeted application of dry heat to kill all lifecycle stages of insects from eggs and larvae to adults in one effective treatment.

Safety Practices

Indiscriminate usage of powerful pesticides may be efficient in eliminating pest immediately but the damage caused to our health and to the ecological system is very dangerous. In fumigation services we comply with all the rules and regulations as per the local laws in usage of the pesticides. Dosages are calculated keeping in view the safety of the cargo and safety of the operator who is performing the fumigation operations. The fumigants dosage is fixed after evaluating the degree of infestation. Gas masks with canisters are used while carrying out fumigation/ aeration and also while monitoring gas concentration.

At fumigation services we are in the process of constantly learning and developing new process that will suit our customer´s requirements. We attend most of the training sessions that are conducted in India and abroad to offer the best services to our customers. As members of TPRI we have access to the latest technologies in field of Fumigation and insect control.